Starting a new blog

After much cajoling and coercion, I have finally accepted the fact that a blog is a worthwhile activity.  Worthwhile, that is, for an author; where else can you expect to be able to write what you want and deliver it directly to your readers without the intervention of a middle man person?  Hopefully worthwhile, also, for a reader – ideally for more than one reader, but I mustn’t set my expectations too high!

Quite a while ago I wrote a post or two for the blog run by my publisher, but have been extremely lax about continuing to contribute.  This time I can’t hide behind a corporate logo, so if this blog isn’t being updated there’s no-one to blame but myself.


About Simon Buck

Simon Buck is a consultant who has been widely published in the fields of internet security, electronic commerce and data communications. Frustrated with the lack of opportunity for whimsy and creativity in his technical writing, Simon has been producing fiction for some time. Read more...
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3 Responses to Starting a new blog

  1. avatar Alison says:

    Middle man? Surely in these PC (other, better platforms are available) days you should be worrying about the intervention of a middle ‘person’?

  2. avatar Simon Buck says:

    Oops! I’ve updated the offending text.

  3. avatar Alison says:

    You’re so write on!