Appeal to readers

I’m appealing to my readers [actually that is probably not true given that I’m far too ugly to appeal to anyone - my wife aside, thank goodness, who nonetheless assures me that both her eyesight and mental faculties are intact]. So, to rephrase, I would like to appeal to my readers – there must be some out there because otherwise my publisher wouldn’t pay me royalties! Hopefully you’ve all enjoyed my books and are looking forward to more ;-)
Both my already-published books are now available in electronic editions, including on the Amazon Kindle Store which is far and away the leading retailer of eBooks. However, I am assured that it is essential to have customer reviews and tags on the books’ pages on Amazon. Sadly, my readers are stunned into silence.
So here’s the appeal: if you have read either Library of the Soul or Crypto da Vinci and enjoyed it enough to recommend it to a friend or relative, please take five minutes to write a customer review on Amazon to recommend it to strangers! If you don’t want to write a review (not everyone wants to stick their head above the parapet) then please at least add some tags to the kindle pages of whichever book you’ve read (or both?) – it only takes a few seconds.

To tag or review Library of the Soul please visit the Library of the Soul Kindle page.
To tag or review Crypto da Vinci please visit the Crypto da Vinci Kindle page.

Thanks in anticipation.


About Simon Buck

Simon Buck is a consultant who has been widely published in the fields of internet security, electronic commerce and data communications. Frustrated with the lack of opportunity for whimsy and creativity in his technical writing, Simon has been producing fiction for some time. Read more...
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