Crypto da Vinci published as an eBook

Crypto da Vinci

Crypto da Vinci, a Peter White mystery by Simon Buck, from Alnpete Press

Crypto da Vinci has now been published as an eBook, just in time for the end of Read an eBook Week! It is now available on Kindle and will soon be is now live on Kobo as well.

If you want to try a sample first you can download a pdf excerpt from the Alnpete Press Crypto da Vinci page, or you can read a sample on the Kindle Crypto da Vinci page.


About Simon Buck

Simon Buck is a consultant who has been widely published in the fields of internet security, electronic commerce and data communications. Frustrated with the lack of opportunity for whimsy and creativity in his technical writing, Simon has been producing fiction for some time. Read more...
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3 Responses to Crypto da Vinci published as an eBook

  1. avatar Koen de Groot says:

    Dear Mr Buck,

    I would have loved to endorse the nomination for your Crypto-Da Vinci book.
    Trouble is, I haven’t read it. Indeed, I haven’t been able to find a reader’s review of it.
    I came to this site because I had found another book of yours, Library of the Soul, on (!), after feeding the search machine with the word “conspiration”. Its title, subject matter and book description intrigued me, so I tried to find more information. And because there wasn’t any, I googled your name and came to this site. Had my Kindle not been broken (probably as a result of my inadvertently forcing a wrong USB-plug into its slot) I would have bought either or both of the books anyway. My broken Kindle being being full not only of interesting books but also of notes and comments of my own, the problem cannot be solved by simply buying a new one. I am still hoping against hope that it can somehow be repaired.
    My question is: could you please put me on the trail of a reliable review?
    Excuse me – forget it! After typing the sentence above, I did some more browsing, and found a preview. Not of Library of the Soul, to be sure, but of Crypto Da Vinci. And read it.
    This is, then, to tell you that I liked it so much, I am now ready to buy a new Kindle to read the whole book.

    Best regards,

    Koen de Groot
    Amsterdam, Netherlands

  2. avatar Simon Buck says:

    Thanks for your comment. There are downloadable previews of both titles on the Alnpete Press website and also the kindle store, kobobooks and Apple iBookstore have limited previews of the electronic edition. I hope you will enjoy it when you get your new kindle ;-)

  3. avatar Simon Buck says:

    Having only just replied to your comment, I’ve been told by my publisher that you’ve ordered a print edition copy of each of Library of the Soul and Crypto da Vinci from them and want a signed copy of each. I will gladly sign them right away so that Alnpete can dispatch them to you ASAP. Once again I hope you enjoy them. I guess you’re holding off on the new Kindle then?