Supporting Comic Relief

Following a suggestion on an Amazon discussion thread by Alison Buck, who created the cover and the amazing illustrations for Crypto da Vinci, I will donate all my royalties from sales of either of my books on the UK kindle store on Thursday 17th March, Friday 18th March (RED NOSE DAY), Saturday 19th March, Sunday 20th March.

If you’ve been thinking about buying a copy of either (or both?) now is a good time to do so and support Comic Relief in the process. ┬áHere are links to make it even easier for you ;-)

Library of the Soul on UK Kindle Store
Crypto da Vinci on UK Kindle Store


About Simon Buck

Simon Buck is a consultant who has been widely published in the fields of internet security, electronic commerce and data communications. Frustrated with the lack of opportunity for whimsy and creativity in his technical writing, Simon has been producing fiction for some time. Read more...
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